Clash detection, Planning & Project Presentation

By producing high quality, accurate BIM compliant models we are able to offer a host of services. We can federate our or combine outsourced models and produce a detailed and knowledgeable clash report. We do not just rely on the software telling us of the clash, we review the clash and determine if this is an actual clash or a false flag, ensuring that our clients receive a concise report.

Our planning team can link models to programmes, giving our clients the opportunity to review timelines. The inclusion of time-related attribute data also enables 3D visuals of a project's development to be created, showing how it will be constructed and how both the structure and surrounding site will appear at each phase. This is hugely beneficial in terms of planning work in a safe and logical way that maximises efficiency on site.

The next step is to produce accurate cost estimates from the components of the information model and it's this process that is known as 5D BIM. 5D BIM is relevant to those involved in the delivery phase of projects on site too. With solid 4D programmed data and a robust contract sum, you can track predicted and actual spend over the course of your project. This is particularly useful for monthly cost reporting and budgeting.


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